Student researchers

  • Gonnie Smelting

    Gonnie Smelting has obtained her Bachelor of Laws at Utrecht University. After a semester abroad at the University of Copenhagen, she started her Master’s in Information Law at the University of Amsterdam in September 2018. In addition to her studies, Gonnie worked as an intern at the legal department of a patent and trademark office and the technology and intellectual property department of a big law firm. Gonnie is currently writing her thesis about the role of human intervention in automated-decision making. Gonnie can be reached at

  • Sjoerd Peters

    Sjoerd Peters is following the master Information Law at the UvA. During this master, he developed a strong preference for critically analyzing law policies, focusing on the interaction between technology and law. His interest lies in the field of intellectual property in the digital age, media law and the liability of internet intermediaries. In addition, Sjoerd was part of the Clinic Law Incubator and did internships at several law firms. Sjoerd can be reached at

  • Lisanne Bruggeman

    Lisanne Bruggeman started the master’s programme in Information Law at the University of Amsterdam in September 2018. Her interest in this field of law was developed during her bachelor’s at Leiden University, a semester abroad at Sciences Po and an internship at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is mainly interested in copyright law, the liability of internet intermediaries and privacy and data protection. Lisanne can be reached at


  • Ot van Daalen

    Ot van Daalen is the Managing Director of the Lab. Ot is a researcher and lecturer in the field of privacy and security. He is also the founder of a law firm specialised in privacy and security, Root Legal. He is working on a PhD thesis on the human rights-compatibility of the regulation of information security technologies. Previously, he worked at the Dutch Data Protection Authority and founded the Dutch digital rights movement Bits of Freedom. There he was closely involved in the creation of legislation in the field of privacy and internet freedom. Before launching Bits of Freedom, Ot worked for years at law firm De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek. Ot studied at the University of Amsterdam and Columbia University in New York. He is an experienced speaker and is regularly asked an expert in the media. He can be reached at

  • Stef van Gompel

    Stef van Gompel is the Executive Director of the ILP Lab. Stef is senior researcher at IViR and lecturer in intellectual property law in the LL.M. program on Information Law. He holds a PhD from the University of Amsterdam, where he also finished law school cum laude, and a degree in Music Management from the Fontys Business College of Higher Education in Tilburg. Stef is secretary of the Dutch Copyright Committee (advisory committee to the Minister of Justice of the Netherlands), board member of the Dutch national group of AIPPI, board member of Stichting Reprorecht, deputy chairman of the Permanent Committee on Plagiarism (VCP), chairman of the Study group on the history of copyright of the Vereniging voor Auteursrecht and member of the editorial board of the Dutch copyright journal AMI. He can be reached at

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council of the Lab regularly provides advice to the office on its strategy. It consists of: