The Glushko & Samuelson Information Law and Policy Lab develops and promotes research-based policy solutions that protect fundamental rights and freedoms in the field of European information law.

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The Fediverse meets the DSA

Some users are moving away from centralized platforms, such as Instagram or X, to federated social media platforms, sometimes collectively called the Fediverse. The Fediverse refers to a collection of interconnected, decentralized social media platforms bringing power back to users by letting them create their own server. The EU has meanwhile adopted the Digital Services… Read more

Policy brief on the legal obstacles to the Right to Repair

The European right to repair refers to a set of policies and regulations aimed at ensuring thatconsumers have the ability to repair and maintain the products they purchase. These policies aredesigned to counteract a trend toward products becoming more difficult to repair, due to e.g.,design choices, software locks, and a lack of access to spare… Read more

Complaint against discrimination with job ads by Facebook

Facebook’s ad platform often shows job ads based on historical gender stereotypes, NGO Global Witness found when they placed genderneutral ads on the platform and reviewed the data. Ads for pilots and mechanics were shown mostly to men; ads for preschool teachers mostly to women. Global Witness together with female rights’ organisation Clara Wichmann filed… Read more

Policy brief on e-lending for public libraries

Libraries play an important role in our society. For a vast majority of people who rely on libraries and their collections, libraries function as gatekeepers to the public’s access to information and knowledge. Libraries also have an important role in facilitating this access in the online environment, a role which has been made clearer during… Read more

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