Sarah Chen

Sarah Chen is a Master’s Candidate in Information Law at the University of Amsterdam. Upon completion of her Bachelor of Laws at Leiden University, she participated in an exchange program at the University of California, Los Angeles where she studied LLM courses in Intellectual Property. She has also attended the WIPO Summer School on Intellectual… Read more

Sam Kloosterboer

Sam Kloosterboer is currently working on his Master of Information Law at the UvA. During his bachelor studies he developed a strong interest in privacy and intellectual property. He wrote his bachelor thesis on privacy aspects of the Dutch Intelligence and Security Services Act (WIV 2017). Before starting his master’s Sam studied abroad at the… Read more

Stefan van Kolfschooten

Stefan van Kolfschooten started the master’s programme in Information Law at the University of Amsterdam in September 2019. His interests lie in the field of intellectual property, AI and the liability of internet intermediaries. In addition to his studies, Stefan worked as student-assistant for the UvA RPA Human(e) AI. Stefan is currently writing a comparative… Read more

Melinda Rucz

Melinda started the Information Law Research Master programme at the University of Amsterdam in 2019. She obtained her bachelor diploma with a cum laude distinction from the University of Amsterdam, following the interdisciplinary Honours programme of Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics where she majored in law. Melinda has a broad interest in the socio-legal implications… Read more

Luna Schumacher

Luna Schumacher studied both Art History and Law at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. While obtaining these Bachelor Degrees, she developed a passion for both fields. After a semester at the Università di Bologna and graduating from the Law Honoursprogramme, she decided to start the master’s programme in Information Law in September 2019. She has always… Read more

Sarah Stapel

Sarah Stapel started the Research Master in Information Law in 2019. She completed a liberal arts degree at Amsterdam University College, the Bachelor of Law at the University of Amsterdam, and an exchange programme at the University of Melbourne. For her Bachelor thesis, Sarah discussed to what extent EU data protection law can learn from… Read more

Daniël Soons

Daniël Soons started the Master’s programme in Information Law at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in September 2019. After obtaining his Bachelors of Law degree and following the Dutch Corporate Law Master’s track at Maastricht University, Daniël decided he wanted to obtain another Master’s degree in a different field of law, resulting in the decision… Read more